The beauty
of the „Grand Sud"

The "Grand Sud" in the deep south of Morocco offers the sound of silence in the desert, as well as the fertile liveliness of the oasis. "Le Sauvage Noble" is located next to the street between Ouarzazate and Zagora and offers the opportunity to do a lot of things be it sportive or cultural, because every place can be reached easily.

All excursions can be booked directly in "Le Sauvage Noble". Guides that are familiar with the places are at hand. Maybe you want to find out more about the brickearth village Tizergate and its interesting architecture as well as sociological structures. Or you want to wander through the palm tree oasis or rather go on a trekking tour of serveral days duration to the wideness and silence of the desert. Don't worry: the inhabitants of the oasis as well as the nomads are apt to give you a glimpse into their way of life.