Ryad means:
house with a garden

Colorful gardens whose flower bedes are seperated by straight walkways are typical for the brickearth architecture. The greening is the lung of the whole arrangement and creates a cool and refreshing micro climate together with the basins. It is here, where you can retreat and enjoy the silence and peace of mind of the orient. Be it in a deck-chair in the shadows of the brickearth walls be it at the small water pool or be it in the comfy sitting alcoves with its upholstery and colorful cushions.

It does not matter whether you relax while drinking moroccan tea and eating delicious cookies ...

whether you watch the cheeky birds dancing on the palm leafs ...

or whether you dream away into the suede night sky or just watch the palm trees growing - no sweat. Hastiness is not admitted into this little paradise.

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